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Scholastic Academy for grades Pre-K – 12 was created by East Baton Rouge Parish School System (EBRPSS), in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Education, to help identify academically gifted children. Instruction is differentiated according to the student’s academic needs and is more rapid with less practice problems than in traditional classes. Rigorous, engaging, and challenging activities and curriculum are provided to create an enriched and accelerated environment that stimulates problem-solving and critical thinking, essential 21st century skills.



Current students and students new to EBRPSS in grades PreK-6 are eligible to enter this program. Scholastic Academy students benefit from exposure to a gifted self-contained or resource “pull-out” environment for a period of two years.  The Scholastic Academy program includes objectives to develop critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and oral and written language skills.  Scholastic Academy students in “blended” self-contained gifted classes must be capable of successfully functioning above grade level. Students must maintain an unweighted GPA of 2.5 and appropriate behavior standards. During the second year of program participation, the student will be evaluated for gifted identification. If a student does not meet gifted education evaluation criteria at that time, the student must be exited from the Scholastic Academy program, as stated in Louisiana Bulletin 1508.

7th - 12th 

Students in 7th to 12th grade may be screened for admission into Scholastic Academy if they move into the district from other districts, states, countries, or transfer from private or parochial schools.  Program participation is limited to two years.  Scholastic Academy students will attend self-contained gifted classes with identified gifted students in a “blended” class. Placement, services, and curriculum follow Gifted Program guidelines. Scholastic Academy students will be administered the full gifted evaluation during the second year of program participation.  Students not identified as gifted will be exited from Scholastic Academy. Students in grades 6 – 12 exited from the Scholastic Academy program have the option to transfer into the Great Scholars Academy program if they qualify, or transfer to their home school. The Great Scholars Academy program provides a rigorous curriculum that is parallel to the gifted program.

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