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  • What is Gifted?
    The definition of “gifted” is found in Bulletin 1508, Chapter 9, §901, page 24: Gifted children and youth are students who demonstrate abilities that give evidence of high performance in academic and intellectual aptitude.
  • What is Talented?
    The definition of “talented” is found in Bulletin 1508, Chapter 9, §903, page 25: Talented means possession of measurable abilities that give clear evidence of unique talent in visual or performing arts or both. The Talented Arts Program is an educational program for students identified as talented in visual art, music, and theatre in grades K through 12 and enrolled in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System.
  • What is Scholastic Academy?
    Scholastic Academy students may attend classes with gifted-identified students in a “blended” class environment, as approved by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE). Placement, services, and curriculum follow those stated in the Gifted section. Scholastic Academy students benefit from exposure to a gifted self-contained or resource environment for a period of two years. Program objectives explicitly identify skill development in critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and oral and written language. During the two-year contract period in the Scholastic Academy program, the student will be evaluated for the gifted exceptionality.
  • What is Great Scholars?
    Great Scholars Academy is a rigorous academic program choice for high potential students in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System in grades 6 through 12. Great Scholars Academy Programs are located at middle and high school sites that have gifted and talented programs. Great Scholars Academy is an accelerated program with highly qualified teachers and a rigorous curriculum. This program parallels the gifted program. Great Scholars students are placed in self-contained classes separate from gifted students. Students must maintain a minimum grade point average to remain in the program.
  • Do I have to be Gifted to qualify for Talented?
    No. Some students are talented only and some are Gifted and Talented.
  • How do I become eligible for the Gifted and Talented program?
    Gifted/Talented-Request Screening -School level guidance counselor Scholastic Academy-Request Screening -School level guidance counselor Great Scholars -Two advanced & two mastery (and/or) 84% percentile. Grades 6-12- Contact G/T Office.
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