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Gifted and Talented Programs Overview

The Gifted Program is an accelerated, stimulating educational program for students identified as gifted in grades PreK–12 and enrolled in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. Classes provide a high degree of complexity and extend beyond the prescribed curriculum offered in regular classes. Classes are taught by teachers certified in Gifted Education and have a reduced class size in order to individualize each student’s educational program.

The Talented Arts Program is an educational program for students identified as talented in visual arts, music or theater in grades K – 12 and enrolled in the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. Classes provided in these disciplines are designed to provide experiences that enable the talented student to further develop demonstrated skills, increase discipline knowledge, and grow as an artist.

Screening for Gifted and Talented services may be administered throughout the school year.

For more information, EBRPSS students should contact their school counselor, while private, parochial and home-schooled students should contact Pupil Appraisal at 929-8600.

The Great Scholars Academy Program, an accelerated, stimulating program for high achieving/high potential middle and high school students. This program parallels the gifted program in complexity, class size, student activities and products.

The Scholastic Academy Program for grades Pre-K – 12 was created by East Baton Rouge Parish School System (EBRPSS), in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Education, to help identify academically gifted children. Instruction is differentiated according to the student’s academic needs and is more rapid with less practice problems than in traditional classes. Rigorous, engaging, and challenging activities and curriculum are provided to create an enriched and accelerated environment that stimulates problem-solving and critical thinking, essential 21st century skills.

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